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Welcome to my guitar lesson website!

I have several lessons in video format, covering most topics for beginner and intermediate guitar players. I also have tabs in the video to follow along with the guitar tutorial, and I now have printable tabs for most of my video lessons, as they appear in the video, in the "TABS" section.

You may also want to visit my Youtube channel called "Rock Guitar Lessons - BobbyCrispy" as I am always posting new lesson videos.

So have fun playing guitar and learning new songs, and I hope you find my tutorials helpful......

Bobby :-)

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                                     10 Must Learn Blues Riffs

                                          EASIEST SONG EVER!

                         40 Popular Rock Songs, 3 Chords!

 How to play 40 popular 3 chord rock songs, including CCR, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and many others.....

40 Popular Rock Songs 3 Chords tab.txt 40 Popular Rock Songs 3 Chords tab.txt
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 How to play 15 popular guitar riffs from the Beatles, including Paperback Writer, Helter Skelter, Sgt. Pepper, Hello Goodbye, Drive My Car and many more....

                                                                25 Best Heavy Metal Riffs Ever!

 Learn to play 25 popular heavy metal riffs from popular songs such as Iron Man, Crazy Train, Breaking the Law, Enter Sandman and several more...


                         Black Magic Woman - Carlos Santata - Intro Solo

                                                                         15 Super Easy Songs, 2 Chords!

fifteen popular songs.txt fifteen popular songs.txt
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                                                        Dust in the Wind - Kansas

Dust In the Wind Tab.txt Dust In the Wind Tab.txt
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           While My Guitar Gentle Weeps solo - The Beatles

while my guitar gently weeps.txt while my guitar gently weeps.txt
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                                                  Hot For Teacher intro solo - Van Halen

hot for teacher intro tab.txt hot for teacher intro tab.txt
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                                                                                        About a Girl - Nirvana

about a girl tab.txt about a girl tab.txt
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