I am from Brampton, Ontario and I have been playing guitar since 1984. I first became interested in music as a 15 year old when my friend asked me if I played guitar ( I didn't at the time ) and if I wanted to start a heavy metal band with him. Two years later I bought a classical guitar and studied music in high school. I went on to study music full time at Humber College in Rexdale, Ontario ( my guitar teacher was Peter Harris ) from 1987 to 1989, mainly jazz and classical and rock. In the early 1990's I wrote and transcribed classical music ( mostly Bach ). Later on my interests moved from music to travelling and hockey and books. It wasn't until I bought a computer in 2000 that I began to write music on the computer using Cakewalk. IN 2005 I created my first CD: 16 String Ensembles after a one month classical writing spree. I used the Cakewalk Music Creator 2 ( it was anything but a cakewalk as I had to contact Cakewalk several times to get it to work, GGGGRRRR!!!! ). I started making Youtube guitar videos in October, 2006. As of July, 2009 I have made over 230 Youtube guitar videos which have been viewed over 12.7 million times, with over 16,500 subcribers to my channel. As of  September 2012, I have made over 320 guitar lesson videos viewed over 43 million times, with over 68,800 subscribers. I enjoy playing volleyball, travelling, hiking, camping and reading. I currently work as a warehouse manager in Mississauga, Ontario. I'm also a Toronto Maple Leafs fan!!!


An Interview with Bobby Crispy 


RDG: How long have you been playing the guitar?
bobbycrispy: I have been playing guitar for 25 years, since 1984 as a 15 year old. There were always acoustic guitars around the house when I was a kid, and the odd time I would pick it up and try to play a few notes, but I really got serious about playing at 15.

RDG: What was the first guitar that you owned?
bobbycrispy: The first guitar I owned was a cheap imitation of a Les Paul called a Lero ( about $100.00 CND in 1984 ). The intonation was off and the frets were always buzzing, but it was a good beginner electric guitar and I have a lot of great memories playing it as a teenager. I wish I still had it.

RDG: What groups inspired you to learn to play the guitar?
bobbycrispy: The very first groups to inspire me to play guitar were the heavy metal bands that played at the US Festival in May, 1983. Quiet Riot, Ozzy ( with Jake E. Lee on guitar ), Judas Priest, Van Halen, The Scorpions and few other bands. When I saw that concert on T.V. as a 15 year old, I really wanted to get into guitar playing. Also, my friend asked me around the same time if I wanted to start a heavy metal band, and of course I said yes. Later on, my other influences would be Led Zeppelin, Yes, and Black Sabbath.

RDG: What was the first song that you wanted to learn to play?
bobbycrispy: The first songs I wanted to play on guitar were some of the songs I heard from the US festival concert. "Cum On Feel the Noise" and "Metal Health" by Quiet Riot, "Crazy Train" by Ozzy and "Breaking the Law" by Judas Priest. Those songs I really wanted to learn when I first picked up the electric guitar.

RDG: Which guitar is your favorite that you play on a regular basis and why do you like it so much?
bobbycrispy: My favorite guitar is my 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio. It sounds so crystal clear ( and the sustain is amazing! ), it always stays in tune, the intonation is perfect, and it only weighs about 9 lbs because it is solid mahogany. It looks so beautiful because of the natural wood finish, not the thick coating of paint which is normally used on a Les Paul. Actually I owned a 1984 Gibson Les Paul Studio from 1987 to 1995, but it was a second hand guitar so it had a few scratches on it, and it was really heavy too.

RDG: How long have you been posting videos on youtube?
bobbycrispyI have been posting guitar videos since October, 2006. My first video was an original classical guitar piece I wrote called "Sonata #9 in Dmaj"

RDG: What inspired you to start posting videos on youtube?
bobbycrispy: I remember when I first discovered Youtube ( someone emailed me a link to the famous "Canon" guitar video ), I started checking out other Youtube guitar videos, and I though to myself " I could do that!", so I went out and bought a webcam and started posting a few of my videos. As far as my guitar lessons go, I tried posting my first one called "How to Play Super Fast Runs on the Guitar", having absolutely no idea how people would react. The reaction was positive; I received several complements and subscribers to my Youtube channel, and I haven’t stopped since, though my teaching methods and video quality have improved since my first video.

RDG: Do you have a profession other than your music?
bobbycrispy: Yes, I currently work as a warehouse manager outside of the Toronto area ( in Mississauga ) for an automations parts distribution company. It’s a small warehouse so I do everything myself; pick, pack, ship and receive. I have been working there for nine years.

RDG: Can you tell us a little bit about what the BobbyCrispy-youtube experience is about and what you hope to accomplish?
bobbycrispy: Well I’m certainly not doing it to make money or to become rich, lol. But seriously, I never got into music or guitar playing to make money, it’s always the last thing on my mind. What I do wish to accomplish is to have some kind of positive influence on other guitar players/musicians, and I find that the Internet and Youtube are the perfect mediums. I don’t play in a band, and I don’t jam much with other musicians, so in that way I’m not very well known. I’m more of a "stay at home" musician. My performance and lesson videos are a good way for me to interact with other guitar players.

RDG: What is the best advice that you could give someone who is looking into learning to play the guitar?
bobbycrispy: The best advice I would give to a new guitar player would be to start off with an acoustic guitar, and learn to read music. By learning music theory, I believe that one can appreciate music more, because you understand how it works. I have found from experience that guitar players who learn to read music first have no problem with it, but guitar players that try to learn after a few years of playing always give up quickly, or convince themselves that they don’t really need to learn. Also, try to listen to as many forms of music as possible, because you can learn more about music that way.

RDG: What stated the "I am Bob from Toronto Canada" opening line that you use in your videos, we also see you regularly playing in a Toronto Jersey, can you tell us a little about what started that trend?
bobbycrispy: I always like to start my guitar lesson videos with some form of greeting or salutation. I think I said "Hi, I’m Bob from Toronto Canada" in my first lesson video, and I just stuck with it. And people seem to get a kick out of it, and enjoy my Canadian accent, so all the better! As far as wearing the Leafs jersey goes, I’ve always worn hockey jerseys. Actually I have a big collection of NHL jerseys in my bedroom closet of several different teams. And being a big Leaf fan from Toronto ( actually I live just outside of Toronto in Brampton ), I felt it would would be best that I wear a Leaf jersey. What would people think if I said "Hi I’m Bob from Toronto Canada" and I’m wearing my Pittsburgh Penguins jersey?? Lol.

RDG: Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about you, your videos or your web site?
bobbycrispy: I don’t just make guitar lesson videos, lol. I like to play volleyball, travel ( I’ve been to Europe five times ). I really enjoy the outdoors, mainly camping and hiking. And I played ice hockey for 30 years ( I mostly played defense ), but I had to retire due to tendentious in my knee.